Researched, designed, and built


At Silver-Rest we believe that fulfilling sleep allows us to have a brighter and more vitalizing life. With our high standards for details and quality, we hope to make the sleeping experience worthwhile.

Let our passion bring you comfort.

At Silver Rest Sleep Products we have a long standing tradition of producing quality products for the discerning American consumer.

Since our beginnings, and spanning more than 40 years, we’ve strived to create quality products, using the most advanced production methods and raw materials.

We pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible, by employing production methods that reduce energy consumption, and by using materials that are safe and eco-friendly.

At Silver Rest Sleep Products we strive to make products that have superior quality characteristics and value.

We design products that are attractive and meet the style demands of the modern consumer, but above all else, our products are designed to provide the utmost in quality, safety and durability.

We are so pleased to offer this array of sleep products. Products that use all of the exacting American made standards.

Whether your needs are for our adult mattresses, or for one of our juvenile products from our Koala or Visco 4 Kids brands, we know you will experience a “Good Night’s Sleep”, for years to come.