Mattress types for everyone.

Comfort Traditions

Those looking for a traditional sleep experience will find that choosing the Comfort Traditions collection from SilverRest Sleep Products will exceed all of their expectations. Within every mattress you will find a high carbon tempered steel spring configuration. The Comfort Traditions mattresses will appeal to anyone seeking durable construction, thoughtful design, and traditional innerspring mattress technology.

A tradition of sleep: A Comfort Traditions mattress delivers unparalleled durability using a sleep tradition of over 100 years, adhering to the time tested technology of durable steel coil spring configurations.

Sleep cool: By allowing heat to dissipate through the mattress and away from the body, SilverRest’s Comfort Traditions open spring core mattresses create a restful environment, ideal for sleeping the whole night through. Sleep cool, wake up refreshed.

Sleep in comfort, longer: The coil spring configuration from SilverRest is unrivaled in durability. Sleep comfortable knowing that unfettered slumber is not fleeting, but here to stay. Wake up rested every morning.

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Posture Sense

SilverRest’s most innovative mattress collection. Posture Sense combines advantages in foam technologies with contemporary fabric designs and style.

Natural and Eco-friendly Designs: Components are chosen for their sustainability and natural characteristics. CertiPUR-US® foams, Natural latex, Organic cotton, wool, Bamboo, water based adhesives are used whenever possible, to insure consumer safety and ultimate comfort.

Foam Technology: Open cell foam technology as well as Gel infused foam technology supplied by the leading US foam manufacturers make Posture Sense the most comfortable, safe and cool sleep surface available.

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Sleep Sense

When you choose a Sleep Sense mattress, you combine all of the qualities of traditional innersprings with all the benefits of state of the art mattress spring technology. Individually wrapped coils add qualities that are essential for a restful nights sleep.

Conforming Comfort: coils act independent from each other allowing the sleep surface to conform to your body and sleeping style. This reduces the effect of pressure points and insures you wake refreshed.

Motion Isolation: This innovation in mattress spring technology solves the problem of motion caused by your sleeping partner. No longer will the tossing and turning of your partner effect your nights rest. Individually wrapped coils isolate the motion, so it is not transferred.

Durability and Comfort: Individually wrapped coils create a superior structural mattress core. The independence of the coils insure longer life of each individual coil, while providing a plush comfort that simply cannot be achieved using any other design.

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Koala Kids

Only the finest materials are used for the Koala Kids mattresses. Our mattresses are designed with you growing kids in mind. Safety, support, durability and comfort are key features of every Koala Kids mattress.

The two side feature allows you to flip the mattress as your child grows, essentially giving you two mattresses in one.

Koala Kids even offers their “Eco Kids” mattress. Featuring CertiPUR-US® foam, natural latex and an organic cotton cover.

Versatility: Koala Kids mattresses are perfect for traditional twin beds, trundles and bunk beds.

Kid Safe: Care is given to meet all US fire and safety standards.

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CertiPUR-US Certified

A certification program that tests the quality and durability of foam. We have been tested and approved.

Made in USA

Silver-Rest products are created based on the promise of durability, dependability and quality. All of our products are made in the USA so that we have 100% control of what goes into them.