Santa Lucia

Posture Sense

SilverRest’s most innovative mattress collection combines the advantages in foam technologies with contemporary fabric designs and style…

Country of Manufacturer: USA

Brand: Silver-Rest

Height: 13-Inches

  • Two-sided mattress
  • Truly a summer and winter mattress.
  • Summer side features gel infused memory foam and latex with a damask cover for ultimate cooling while you sleep.
  • Winter side features body conforming memory foam with a luscious stretch knit cover that adjusts to your body temperature, providing warm comfort during cooler nights.
  • Super durable all foam mattress core
  • Meets all US safety and fire retardant standards

CertiPUR-US® Certified

A certification program that tests the quality and durability of foam. We have been tested and approved.

Made in USA

Silver-Rest products are created based on the promise of durability, dependability and quality. All of our products are made in the USA so that we have 100% control of what goes into them.

Product Construction


The Latest Advancement in Mattress Technology

Cool Comfort Gel Infused Memory Foam

Thousands of gel particles are infused in traditional memory foam to create a more open but supportive sleep surface.

The gel conducts or pulls heat from the body while the open cells surrounding the gel allow the heat to escape.

This provides up to a 30% cooler sleep surface than traditional memory foam.

Gel infused memory foam provides all the traditional memory foam benefits of comfort and health such as being anti allergen and anti microbial, with the added advantage of a cooler nights sleep.